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Ultra-Pure water equipment in the electricity industry

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Ultra-Pure water equipment in the electricity industry

1.    About ultra pure water in the electricity industry

In the electricity industry, ultra pure water is used for cleaning the electronic device and micro-electronic pieces, such as semi-conductor, LCD, high precision circuit board etc.

Integration of the IC has close relationship with the quality of cleaning water, higher integration has higher requirement of quality of water. In the electricity industry, there are five classes of the electric water quality: 0.5MΩNaN, 2MΩNaN,10MΩNaN, 15MΩNaN, 18MΩNaN, five standards.

2.    Ultra-pure cleaning water equipment process in the electricity industry

2.1. In the conventional process of ultra pure water, ion exchange resin technology basic process is as following: raw water---sand carton filter---precision filter---mixed-beds ---pure water tank---pure water pump---post precision filter---reach water standard

2.2. The process of mixture of reverse osmosis and ion exchange resin technology is as followings: raw water---sand carbon filter---precision filter---RO equipment---Pure water tank---Mixed-bed---ultra pure water tank---ultra-pure water pump---post precision filter---water point

3.    Features of ultra-pure cleaning water equipment in the electricity industry

Level control is set up in the modern water tank.

High and low pressure protection is set up in the modern pump.

PLC controller is set up in the on line testing water quality gauges.

The main system of modern ultra pure water equipment include: 3 types pre-filter system, 1 reverse osmosis host and ion exchange mixed beds.

These advanced process solve a lot of problems for users, it is really unguarded.

Compared with tradition process, it is more reliable and higher cost-effective.