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Correct installation of dust collector filter bag is very important for improving the using life of dust collector filter bags. Here are some tips of operation of during installing dust collector filter bag in bag housing, in condition of moving away injection pipe:

Filter bag installation shall be done finally, after complete other installation work of dust collector bag housing(including warming and anti-corrosion work). Move the injection pipe first, then install the dust collector filter bags.

During moving and storage, please pay attention to filter bag not touching hard or sharp things around. Foot stepping or heavy pressing is not allowed.

1. Dust collector filter bag shall be stored away from fire source, avoid moisture, avoid direct sunlight and other strong light. Dust collector filter bag shall avoid heavy pressed.

Before installation, shall inspect each filter bag not damaged.

2. The dust collector filter bag installation workers shall dress concise, keep clean pocket, can not carry cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys, knives and other objects, so as not to fall into filter bags.(If something falls into the filter bag, must be moved away). During installation, not allow to wear shoes with nails or hard soles. The worker of filter bag installation shall be fixed, fixed position, accountability, all the workers shall do record of each bag installation and make signature.

3. Environment requirement of filter bag installation: sufficient lighting at installation site, not allow to store or put equipment or debris unrelated with filter bag installation.

4.During filter bag installation, not allow smoking, not allow welding or cutting work at any points. When power off, not allow to use lighter, matches and other fire making to light. After finish working of filter bag installation every day, shall make an inventory of installation tools, avoid tools falling in to the filter bag and making filter bags damaged.

5. Requirment of filter bag installation: advise two people to install the dust collector filter bags, one person fold the filter bag and put it into the cell plate hole, the other people catch the folded bag and unfold the filter bags. Align on the center, put filter bag cage into bags carefully, ensure it is vertical during installation.

6. Checking and inspection of filter bag installation: After finishing installation of each bag, shall check whether the seam is sealing, whether sealing position is correct. Watching from the hopper, check whether the filter cage and bag are vertical, in case of the filter bag bottoms touch each other or not correct installation, make record timely and make straight at the guide of professional engineers.

7. After installation of filter bag, shall cover the plate sheet with canvas, so as to avoid debris falling into the filter bags. When install the injection pipe, shall also cover the plate sheet with canvas, so as to avoid filter bag damage.

8. During dust collector filter bag installation, shall pay special attention to following:

Hole of injection pipe, venturi nozzle,  filter bag supporting cage/frame, dust collector filter bag, cell plate sheet, these 5 parts shall be aligned on the center, the deviation shall be less than 2mm.