Finish treatment of filter rolls

Finish treatment of filter rolls

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Finish treatment of filter rolls

The filter bags used in baghouse and dust collector are made of filter rolls with different finish treatments. Such as laminated polyester filter bags are treated with singed, calendered, heat set and ptfe lamination. SIIC team from INDRO filtration is now introducing you about “what finish treatments are there for filter bags filter rolls”:

-Singed treatment:

The singeing process of the filter material is to make the filter material pass through burning gas, natural gas or liquefied gas at a certain speed, to burn the cilia suspended on the surface of the material , so that to improve the surface structure of the filter material and to help the dust cleaning of the filter material. However, if the surface is partially melted, it is possible to form a fusion plaque which is not doing good to clean dust. Because the technology of hot rolling and light can also make the filter material smooth and uniform, it is not always necessary for singeing.

- heat calendaring

Heat calendaring is a process of cleaning the dust filter material at a certain speed through a certain pressure and a certain temperature. Through heat calendaring, the surface of the filter material is smooth and uniform in thickness. The deep heat calendaring technology can make the needle felt with smooth surface and uniform air permeability. Although the initial resistance of the filter material increases slightly, the dust is not easy to enter the deep layer of the filter material, so it is easy to clear the ash, and help to reduce the working resistance of the bag filter and improve the service life of the filter bag.

-coating treatment

Coating finishing is a process of evenly coating some slurry material on the surface of filter material. The coating can change the appearance, feel and internal quality of the single side, double side or whole of the filter material, and also make the performance of the product meet certain specific requirements (such as the anti oil and wear resistance of the needled felt).

-dipping treatment

The dust removal filter material is impregnated with an impregnating liquid containing certain properties in the dipping tank, and the process of drying the filter material after impregnation is called dipping. By impregnating, the filter material has some special properties, such as water repellent, oil proof, flame retardancy, or some properties of the filter material, such as glass fiber filter material through impregnation, enhance its softness and improve its folding resistance.

The process flow of impregnation: the filter material is transported to the impregnating tank with impregnating liquid in the conveying device. After the filter material is worn in the impregnated liquid, the superfluous impregnated liquid is removed by a pair of roll or suction device. Finally, the dipping liquid is heated and the filter material is dry by drying the dryness roll.

-Heat set treatment

Heat setting refers to the process of keeping the dust filter material/rolls in a tension state and at a specific temperature for a certain period of time.

Dust filter material is pretreated by heat setting to eliminate residual stresses during processing and obtain stable size and smooth surface.

The size stability of dust filter material is very important to the reliability of filter bag and even the performance of bag filter.

Above finish treatments of filter rolls is shared by filter bag manufacturer-INDRO filtration, for more information about filter bags, please contact with us or visit our website.